Estate Sale

Our experience was wonderful. Everything from the first phone call to the sale was handled so well with Patti and Florence. This was an estate sale due to the loss of my sister on Christmas eve. They were so understanding and respectful of our continued questions and concerns. Living an hour and a half away from the property made for an additional logistics issue for us. They worked with us every step of the way. Initially we received a “business card” from Remax/destiny letting us know they were available as a sales agent, along with several other real estate offices. Patti was the ONLY agent to reach out to us by phone express her condolences and offer any help she could when and if we were interested in selling the property. After speaking with her we did not hesitate to use her (them) no one else reached out or took an interest . We appreciate ALL they did and would recommend them to anyone. Florence was so patient with my/ our lack of computer skills and walked us thru everything. Thank you for this opportunity to express our great pleasure in meeting and working with Florence and Patti.

Jim And Cindy Spearman, Harwich MA – October 2017

You guys rocked

You guys rocked. I started this process knowing nothing, and by the end of it I felt I’d grown a lot as an adult. Most of that was thanks to you two, and I deeply appreciate all the help! You’ll have to come visit sometime!

Walker Holahan – Stoneham, MA – October 2017

Five Stars!

Florence and Patti were outstanding. We had an unusual and challenging situation regarding our purchase and they handled it flawlessly. They were always available, had the knowledge and relationships to guide us through the process, and did what it took to get the deal done. I don’t think we would have been able to successfully purchase our home without their help. Five Stars!

Brian and Christina, Somerville, MA – October 2017

They really guided me through everything!

“Florence and Patti really made every step of the process very enjoyable, from our first meeting to closing. As a first time homebuyer, I was very nervous about the process and not sure what to expect, but they really guided me through everything! Florence and Patti were extremely accessible and responsive, and they are definitely experts and have many local connections. They were able to provide reasonable estimates on various jobs that a home might require, as well as very accurate research to help you make the best offer possible. I felt I was always in good hands, and would recommend this team to anyone looking to buy a home.”

Fifi Yeung, Cambridge – September 2017

They truly went above and beyond their jobs as realtors

I was referred to Patti and Florence as well as another realtor in the Boston area. The deciding factor that lead me to work with Patti and Florence was that they immediately called me and asked me to come into their office to walk me through the whole process. Being a first time homebuyer it significantly put me at ease having them provide me with literature and explaining all the steps throughout the process. They provided me with hope that even in such a tough buyers market that I would find my new home!

Florence and Patti were very responsive to emails, texts and phone calls. They truly went above and beyond their jobs as realtors to provide me with my new home and I couldn’t be more grateful. I couldn’t have imagined going through this process with any other realtor. My overall experience working with Patti and Florence was phenomenal. Buying a home is not always a smooth process; Florence and Patti work extremely hard to make the process enjoyable and smooth on your end. They had my best interest in mind throughout every step! I strongly recommend Florence and Patti to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home you truly will not regret the decision.

Megan Ott, Jamaica Plain, MA – August 2017

Patricia is a lot more than your traditional realtor

“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Patricia Reilly (Patti), because of the outstanding work she has done as my agent in Cambridge. Patricia has demonstrated an unfailing commitment to making the sale of my condo successful and I cannot thank her enough for this. A realtor is “a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land”.Patricia is a lot more than your traditional realtor and this simple definition does not do justice to the work she has accomplished.

– Patricia was always very helpful and knowledgeable about the area and was able to answer every question I threw her way (I threw a lot of questions).
– Patricia was always on top of things. She was on time, efficient, quick to respond and very organized. I am on top of things and I appreciate working with someone that shares the same belief that doing business requires a high degree of organization.
– Patricia coordinated with the contractors in my absence and made sure that everything was on track for the sale. I travel every other week. Without Patricia’s help, my repeated absence would have significantly delayed the sale of the condo. Thanks to her organizational skills and pro-activity, we were able to keep everything on track.

If you are looking for someone knowledgeable, with a great personality, that will take the entire stress out of the sales process, look no further. I highly recommend you talk to Patricia Reilly. I know if I ever have to sell a unit again, I will not even think twice about it, and give her a call immediately

Nico Pierre , Cambridge, MA  –  August 2017

I would (and have!) recommend her to absolutely anyone

“We were impressed with Patti before she was even our agent – she represented the sellers when we bought the house and we enjoyed working with her so much (even as someone else’s agent!) that we immediately reached out to her when it was time for us to sell.

Patti went above and beyond. She was our feet on the ground with a relentless attention to detail and a realistic yet friendly approach to everything. She responded instantly to every question or request, helped us with thoughtful and competent advice on every single aspect of the process.

Patti clearly knows the industry and the market extremely well. She was able to advise us on what a buyer might or might not care about so we could prioritize what steps to take on our end, and she knew how to position our home in the best light possible, from how to list, photograph, and show it to when it was an ideal time to sell. She thought of things that might not have occurred to other agents, like what might make it complicated for a buyer’s financing, so we could avoid the issue from the start.

When issues did come up, whether something needed scheduling or a we needed to find a professional or there were logistics that needed to be worked through, Patti was there every step of the way. She took care of details that most other agents would leave up to the homeowners to figure out, while keeping us informed and letting us be as involved (or not involved) as we wanted to be.

Most of all, we remembered how genuine and honest Patti had been with us as buyers. Having had this experience ourselves, we knew we could rely on her professionalism, integrity, and just plain friendliness to be a great representative for us to all prospective buyers of our own home. We felt comfortable knowing that if any buyers, attorneys, or agents would judge us by the quality of our agent, it would always reflect well on us.

Even though real estate agents work on commission, Patti seemed to care only about what was best for us as her clients. It was easy to forget when and how she was going to make money out of the transaction, because she was just on our side. When all was said and done, we both felt that Patti had earned every single penny of commission she made on our sale, and probably then some – I feel like we got an amazing deal for how much service she provided.

Put quite simply, dealing with Patti was the best part of any real estate transaction we’ve ever had. She took what was otherwise a stressful and confusing process and made it smooth and easy. Our only regret is that we’ve left the area and are now out of her territory! I would (and have!) recommend her to absolutely anyone.”

Stephanie Long Phillips, Medford, MA 02155 – August 2017

A friend who recommended Patti.

“We took the advice of a friend who recommended Patti (Patricia) Reilly, and who knows us well enough to speculate we’d enjoy working with her. And she was right! From our first meeting, Patti listened carefully to our needs, communicated very clearly, and was prompt and helpful in all exchanges.

In the relatively short time we worked with her, we came to absolutely trust Patti’s opinions and guidance. She was patient and understanding about our moments of indecision, strong and firm in her own perspectives but respectful of ours concerning each property we looked at, and on top of everything else, super pleasant to spend time with weekend after weekend, as we toured through open houses. She recommended an excellent attorney for our closing, and has been very helpful in introducing us to other contractors who we may eventually hire to do work on the house.

My husband and I joked that the only problem with finding and purchasing our house, was that we wouldn’t see as much of Patti (and Florence, who was working with her.) I would recommend her to friends without hesitation!” –

Julie Shapiro, Arlington, MA – May 2017


I’m a first time buyer.

“Patti was great throughout the entire process! She basically owned it and guided me through everything (I’m a first time buyer). Since I was working with several other agents at the time, it became apparent to me that Patti was way more competent than anyone else. Because of this, and the fact that she was highly recommended to me by a colleague, I trusted her completely.

Florence was great! On the spot with all the information I needed for decision making!

Maja Sedic, Somerville, MA – April 2017

My condo sold for over asking price in just 4 days.
“Patty Reilly was awesome! She totally went the extra mile for me , kept the sales process moving forward, and helped me through some rough patches I encountered in prepping the house for sale and dealing with issues on the home inspection. I’ve bought and sold a half dozen properties at this point and can honestly say I’ve never worked with a realtor who was so on the ball and willing to give 120% for her client. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to sell their property.

Her attention to detail and willingness to work hard to sell my property were evident in every step of the process. For example, she personally assisted in “staging” my house for photos and the open house. She held back to back open houses on one weekend plus brought brokers on a special tour to insure the maximum number of bidders.

My condo sold for over asking price in just 4 days. What more could I ask for?” –

Carolyn, Waltham, MA

Absolutely Blew Away my Expectations.
“Patti absolutely blew away my expectations. She sold my house in 1 week. She worked harder than any other seller’s agent I’ve seen (while selling my house I visited a lot of open houses to scope out competition). She got me 11 offers, all above asking, 2 of which were above my expected maximum price. She is also courteous to my tenants, fantastic with the photography, super thorough with the open houses, and extremely responsive to emails/calls.”

Mark, Cambridge, MA

Above & Beyond
“Patti is a top notch realtor. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell their place. I still can’t believe how quickly my place sold…less than 1 week. She went above and beyond what I would have expected. She handled the entire process – from pricing my place to the negotiation of offers with confidence, intelligence and ease. I knew I was in good hands and trusted her implicitly.”

Vanessa, Somerville, MA

Expertise & Adjusting to Meet Your Goals
“Patti’s humor made the process really enjoyable and less stressful. Her extensive experience was so valuable because she educated us all along the process, and in a way that informed our decisions. At the start, we weren’t entirely sure of the neighborhood, or what we were looking for exactly, and I appreciated clarifying our hopes with Patti. Despite our changing ideas, Patti always responded with grace and support, and quickly adjusted. During the negotiation, she kept calm and clarified what were reasonable requests and offers. We also really appreciated her experience in the different neighborhoods we explored. We could count on her to tell us if a property was run of the mill, or something to seriously consider. There were a couple of times that we almost compromised and made an offer on a property, and she convinced us to wait because she knew we weren’t totally pleased. We’re so glad she did, because we found our home. I’ve been recommending Patti to friends considering buying a home, because I know they’d be in good hands.”

Judy, Arlington, MA

Extremely Helpful and Proactive
“Extremely helpful and proactive, especially taking care of repairs, cleaning, dealing with tenant, finding a lawyer, making a tough decision to turn down a first low-ball offer, etc. I’m out of state and Patti took care of everything.” –

Sebastien, California

Wonderful Experience
“I had a wonderful experience selling our home through Patti Reilly. She was professional, helpful and completely understood our needs. I would highly recommend Patti to family and friends.”

Ramona, Somerville, MA